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Hydration is Key

Because your body is composed of 60% water, adequate hydration is essential for your mind and body to function at their peak. Nothing combats dehydration more effectively and efficiently than the administration of iV fluids. With added electrolytes, iV fluids mimic your body’s natural make up more completely than any sports drink or enhanced water. So if you're traveling often, pregnant, working outside, exercising, consuming coffee, alcohol & sodas, have been sick, or just don't drink enough water, iV hydration is for you!

A healthy you is your best you

A healthy you is your best you

Many do not consume enough water or nutrients their body needs. Staying hydrated and giving your body the nutrients it needs is key to keeping your immune system strong, your body healthy, and you feeling great. iV vitamin therapy allows for 100% absorption (compared to ~20% if taking the same by mouth) of essential nutrients directly to where your body needs them the most. This gives a longer and signficantly greater opportunity for cells to absorb nutrients. Research shows that repeated "flooding" of nutrients in this fashion leads to continued healing and health improvements.

Free Radical Reducers

Our bodies are exposed to many elements that can increase free radical formation. Some examples are UV rays from the sun, air pollution, cigarette smoke, medication, normal exercise, and fighting infection. Too many free radicals and not enough defenses to combat them (ie. antioxidants), can cause oxidative stress, which can lead to chronic illness, cancer, autoimmune diseases, etc. The best antioxidants out there are Vitamin C and Glutathione. We recommend as much Vitamin C as you can and up to 2 grams of Glutathione on a regular basis to help combat free radical formation.

Free radical reducers

Starting to feel sick? Try a Vitamin Drip

Micronutrients, such as Vitamins C, B, Zinc, Selenium, and Glutathione, play a significant role in helping the body’s immune system. A deficiency in Vitamin C or Zinc can increase one’s susceptibility to viruses, as well as increase the severity and duration of the viral illness. Physically active people that regularly supplement their Vitamin C contract fewer viral illnesses and recover faster. Enhance the immune system with hydrating fluids, high doses of Vitamin C, Zinc, B vitamins, selenium (Immune Boost), & Glutathione, and help your body combat viruses and other illnesses.

Beautiful skin starts from within

A magnitude of studies show that a healthy inside leads to a healthy looking outside. Adequate hydration and a healthy diet play a large role in skin health, however Vitamin C and Glutathione are key. Vitamin C is required for the body to make collagen. Collagen helps replace and restore dead skin cells which helps to ward off wrinkles and fine lines. Maintaining good Vitamin C levels in the body helps improve skin elasticity, and helps prevent and treat skin damage from UV light. Studies show that skin health is superior with Vitamin C supplementation compared to Vitamin C placed topically.

Glutathione has also been shown to reduce wrinkles, smooth blemishes, brighten skin, and lighten skin tone over time with continued therapies.

Our little guide

Replenish Therapy Recommendations

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Enhance Overall Health

  • The Vitamin Drip (with extra C) + Glutathione* weekly until health improvement

  • Vitamin C + Glutathione (stabilize free radicals, stress relief, skin + immune health)

  • NAD+

  • Boost Immune System: "Immune Boost" Therapy + Extra Vitamin C/Glutathione

  • Know your Vitamin D & Micronutrient status with our testing

  • Please Note: health therapies can cause a health detox ( a good thing, but can lead to initial feelings of fatigue). Once you continue with weekly therapies this will lessen and your health & how you feel overall will improve

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Enhance Moms

  • Morning Sickness: "The Morning Sickness Relief therapy"

  • Postnatal: The Vitamin Drip + extra Vitamin C + Glutathione. These assist with postnatal depletion syndrome.

  • Vitamin C: postnatal moms are often depleted in Vitamin C. This can lead to increased risk of infection (including mastitis). iV Vitamin C therapies have been shown to help!

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Feel Better Faster

Enhance Athletic Performance + Recovery

  • Starting to feel sick or are sick? -Vitamin Drip or Immune Boost with extra Vitamin C & Glutathione. Can add Toradol & Zofran if needed

  • Recovering from being sick?-Vitamin Drip or Immune Boost with extra Vitamin C + Glutathione + extra liter of fluid (helps the body “clean up”)

  • Recent Surgery: Vitamin C + Glutathione + extra fluids

  • GI Bug: 2 liters of fluids + zofran (nausea/vomiting medicine), Pepcid (upset stomach medicine). OR The Vitamin Drip or Immune Boost + extra liter

  • Migraine: 2 liters of fluids + The Vitamin Drip with extra magnesium + toradol

  • Air travel: Immune Boost + Extra liter of fluids

  • Busy work week: The Vitamin Drip + Glutathione or Energy

  • Stress Relief: Vitamin C is a natural stress reliever

  • Mastitis: High dose Vitamin C (20g)

  • Hangovers: The Ultimate Overindulgence Relief + Extra liter of fluid (trust us, your body will thank you) + glutathione (great for liver)

  • Performance: "Ultimate Athletic Performance" + Glutathione

  • Recovery: Saline + extra electrolytes (x2) OR "The Ultimate Athletic Recovery" + extra liter of fluid & magnesium (if muscle cramping)

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Boost Energy

Chronic Illness Support

  • The "Energy" therapy

  • The Vitamin Drip + Glutathione (option to add C)

  • NAD+

  • Sometimes you just need extra fluids

  • Check your Vitamin D levels + Micronutrient Status to see what specific supplementation is needed

  • B12, B complex, Energy injections

  • GI disorders (Crohns, UC, etc): The Vitamin Drip + Glutathione

  • Diabetes: Hydrating fluids + The Vitamin Drip + Vitamin D (if deficient)

  • Arthritis: Vitamin C (high dose) + Glutathione + check Vitamin D status

  • Cancer: High Dose Vitamin C + The Vitamin Drip

  • Lyme disease: High dose Vitamin C

  • Immunodeficiencies: The Vitamin Drip + Glutathione + High dose Vitamin C

  • Alcohol and narcotic dependence: NAD+

  • Anxiety/Depression: NAD+ , The Vitamin Drip, Vitamin D (check status) + check Micronutrient status

  • Wound healing/post surgical: Vitamin C + The Vitamin Drip

  • Orthostatic Hypotension, POTS: Hydrating Fluids (1-2 liters)

  • Fibromyalgia: The Vitamin Drip

*This list is not an extensive list and does not include every ailment that can benefit from iV therapy. Please reach out to our medical providers via hello@replenishIV.com if you have any questions. We are happy to help!