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Vitamin C and and Glutathione have been shown to play a significant role in enhancing skin health.

Vitamin C benefits the skin in many ways.

  • The process of making collagen, the most abundant protein that plays a role in replacing and restoring dead skin cells and warding off wrinkles and fine lines, relies heavily on Vitamin C.
  • Vitamin C has been shown to help prevent and treat UV induced photodamage.
  • Higher intakes of Vitamin C are associated with better skin-aging appearance, including a lower likelihood of a wrinkled appearance.
  • Vitamin C increases skin elasticity
  • Studies show the best way to deliver nutrition, like Vitamin C, to the skin is through the bloodstream (iV route)

Glutathione has been shown to:

  • reduce wrinkles
  • smooth blemishes
  • brighten skin
  • lighten skin tone

Glutathione inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase which changes melanin production from eumelanin (darker pigments) to phaeomelanin (lighter pigments) production.Adding Vitamin C to glutathione has been shown to enhance glutathione's positive effects.

Results of skin lightening and smoothing of blemishes vary due to the amount of time it takes the body to turn off eumelanin production and a person's starting Fitzpatrick skin tone. Research has shown that best results occur with 1-3 grams of glutathione at least 2 times a week. The addition of Vitamin C (2-5 grams) has been shown to speed up the process and enhance the effect.

At Replenish, we recommend that guests who are new to Glutathione, and do not have a sulfa allergy, start out with the Hello Beautiful therapy. This therapy includes 1 gram of Glutathione, 3 grams of Vitamin C, and vitamin B5.Guests can then choose to continue at this dose, or add up to 2 grams of glutathione at their next therapy. If desired results are not seen after a short period of time, a CMP lab test can be drawn at Replenish and, if normal, guests may move up to 3 grams of glutathione each session.

Please contact us at 404-891-9248 or hello@replenishIV.com if you have any questions about these therapies or our regimen. We're happy to help!